Not all requirements can be fulfilled by products that already exist on the market. What makes your organisation unique may be unique to the software market. This means you need personalised solutions to be developed from the ground up in order to move forward in your business.

Where your existing software systems are established and functional, we can also help in providing intermediate solutions that connect those existing products together and employ the “best of breed” philosophy. TNE Group believe in implementing solutions faster whilst giving your business the competitive advantage. Our highly qualified personnel offer clients an increase in efficiency, profitability and productivity.

Please see below for examples of bespoke software solutions that have been developed:

• Customer Complaints Management Solutions in line with ISO9001 Quality standards and 8D Problem Solving

• Website Lead Management and Analysis Tool

• Project Opportunity and Sales Forecasting Solution

• CPQ Based Sales Profitability Analysis Solution

• Automated Reports

• Data Warehousing and Business Intelligent Solutions

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